New venues where I sell my photoart

I’m in the process of creating my own website, but in the interim, I’m going to be selling clothing through VIDA, a gorgeous company that promotes the art of various photographers, turning our photoart into silk tee shirts, scarves, and sleeveless tees. Use the 20% off code VIDAVOICES when you order.

My artwork can also be seen (and purchased in a variety of forms, such as pillows, wall art, and clothing) both from RedBubble and Zazzle. I’m also quite pleased so far with the framing and image quality from Fine Art America, another place I feature my work.

I’ve been doing a lot of photography in the past year, and now I’m back at home processing my pictures and setting up sites to sell them. Below is a shot which I took in Sweden two summers ago; in Swedish, these are solrosar, which literally translates to sun roses. Which obviously is not what they’re called in English. 🙂

Vibrant blue sunflower FX

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