Let It Snow…

Gårdsby snowfall

There’s something in the bones, the collective memory left in our DNA from the time we crossed the land-bridge from the Arctic tundra down into the warmer parts of the world, that tells us it should snow at Christmas.

My belief is, if you live in a place where it’s not snowing, or it’s unlikely to snow, you should at least get to see pictures of places where it rather reliably snows for Christmas. This is how I spend my time, anyway: looking at pictures of snow, thinking of the white Christmas Bing Crosby sang about. Someday before I leave this mortal coil I hope to take a sleigh ride through the snow, and then my childhood fantasies will be almost complete.

These unusual, almost-pink woods are found in a little hamlet called Gårdsby, where I like to take pictures of the quiet countryside, the church, and the graveyard.


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