Blue Winter Tree

Last year on this day, I took this picture, parked on the side of a narrow road in the middle of farming pastures in southern Sweden. Now, the idea of ‘cold’ is hard to convey if you’re not directly experiencing sub-arctic frost or, as I like to call it, Nuclear Winter. It seems to me that when it comes to photography, however, the color ‘blue’, especially in its lightest shades and hues, tells you the air on this day was filled with ice crystals, which add a rather ‘gauzy’ or hazy effect to this frigid landscape.

Blue winter tree


3 thoughts on “Blue Winter Tree

  1. Thanks so much for linking to my post on winter at Joyfully Green! So happy to discover a fellow photographer/blogger, and the bonus is I’m half-Swedish so very interested in your shots of the country! Looking forward to seeing more of your photos and reading more from you.
    Best, Joy
    P.S. LOVE the snow falling effect!

    1. Hello there, and thank you so much for liking these photos. There are quite a few on this blog from Sweden, actually. By the way, if you go into your settings, you might be able to make it snow on your blog if it’s a WordPress blog. There’s a setting called “General,” I believe, that let’s you click a box that makes it snow until January 4th. It begins the first week of December, just so you know for next year. 🙂

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