Gelfoss Green

One of the cool things about Iceland (literally, since the island lies slightly beneath the Arctic Circle at 65˚N 18˚W) is how close you are to nature’s drama, like the power of Gelfoss’ bright green waterfall. I had certain limitations, taking this shot; I couldn’t get as close as I wanted without risking my camera in the rain and my body on the rocks.

One of the reasons I decided to Photoshop this image is because I couldn’t get the shot I wanted; the light was wrong, I couldn’t see or focus all that well, and my aim is not that steady under these circumstances, I’m afraid. Photoshopping the image, however, gives the overall mistiness a purpose. Since the shapes and colors are augmented, you can see the black ‘face’ in the igneous rock as well as how very green the water (that color and shade is not augmented).

Green waterfall Gelfoss poster


2 thoughts on “Gelfoss Green

  1. Your attention to details is amazing and the length you stretch yourself physically and artistically so you can present us the clarity of the subject in front of you is beyond commendable…thank you for sharing this beautiful shot…I love all your photos.

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