Winter’s coming…

…and here’s evidence of what it looks like. Remember last year? No? Well, my camera does. This is a picture of someone’s farm on the road back from Gasslanda, a small village i sverige (you’re learning Swedish!), taken from the edge of their property.

As one reader said, so many of these images could easily be turned into book covers for those who self-publish. I intend to use one as a cover for an updated version of my own self-published book, Writing to Persuade.

Writing To Persuade makes an excellent and inexpensive Christmas present for high school or college students, or anyone who needs to write persuasively—including you, if you write to your senator, congressperson, or other political or civic entity (or you just want to better understand the fundamentals of how to persuade someone to do something they probably don’t really want to do). My little book is available both in print and ebook formats, since we are compelled to move with the times.

Cold field red farm cutout


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