Red boat in the Swedish winter woods

I’ve been messing with Photoshop again, catching up with pictures I took last winter. I suspect I’m doing this largely because I am anticipating winter a little early, but also because I’m really behind on processing all my images. I’m also reminiscing, which means my memories are happy but I also remember being really cold.

The thing is, Sweden in the winter is cold, yes, but, I mean—look at it. It’s incredibly gorgeous. I said to one of the people I went to Ireland with, yes, Ireland is beautiful, but Sweden is heart-breakingly beautiful. And she wanted to know why. I could only answer, it’s the way the sunlight slants through the trees. I hate leaving that light.

In the north of Denmark (just slightly south of Sweden, which, not coincidentally, receives the same light) the quality of the light has long inspired painters, and artists famously trekked there in search of its golden northern-latitude angle.

The light in Iceland is similarly gorgeous, it’s just that Iceland’s light is so variable (the weather is so unpredictable) that depending on taking good pictures there is a bit fruitless. I have yet to be there and take good nature pictures, although I’m not giving up! It’s just an excuse to stay longer, it seems to me… Red boat 1 copy poster


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