Daily Prompt for Eat, drink, and be merry: The Golden Hour

The wonderful thing about fika-ing after the age of 50 is that I feel no remorse whatsoever taking pictures of people who are so busy living their (probably younger) lives in which they’re so deeply immersed, they never notice me. Good. I’d like to be a fly on the wall, allowed to observe people just being people, doing their thing.

In this particular case, I was a fly on the proverbial wall at a great little restaurant bright with late Spring-early Summer (June, to be precise) sunshine on an island in the Baltic, surrounded by vibrant people, on fire with the light from the setting sun, eating, drinking, and making merry during their personal Golden Hour.

Lightonthesubject copy


5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt for Eat, drink, and be merry: The Golden Hour

    1. Oh, thank you very much! I have to say, I really like this shot, largely because the various lighting sources were a challenge to integrate (in terms of exposure) but also because these people were all just so happy, it was great being amongst them. I felt a little weird taking pictures, and I did get a couple of glances, but it went quickly and then time moved on. The room itself was unique, in my experience, and I just couldn’t stop myself from capturing the moment. Thanks for liking it. 🙂

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