Versatile Blogger? Moi?

I accept!
I accept!

I was nominated today for the ‘Versatile Blogger’ award by a very nice person at the blog Hand Picked Myself.

There are some rules about accepting the Versatile Blogger award, apparently, and although usually I’m too disaffected and/or lazy to follow through on these awards, since the notice came via a blog I really support (Broken Light: A Photography Collective) I figured I’d better ante up and put on my big cowgirl boots and get on this horse and ride.

So here goes. 

You have to nominate 15 other blogs, which I will do, so be ready, Blogosphere. 

Then you have to tell the world 7 interesting things about yourself.



1) I was on the last propeller flight out of La Guardia, New York, to Anchorage, Alaska, in 1961-ish. If you want the exact date, Google works wonders for these kinds of questions. But after this, only jet planes flew out of La Guardia. 

2) I was one of 360+ passengers who all survived the only “successful” Pan Am crash in 1971 (I think; again, if you want the specific year, Google it). This is a long story, so if you want details, be sure to contact me, and I’ll be happy to regale you with how many hours we circled San Francisco airport (approximately 3-1/2) dumping fuel, before we could land. All other Pan Am crashes involved at least one death. You’ll notice that Pan Am is no longer in business.

3) I was in Viet Nam at the end of 1967, for a couple of months, just prior to the Tet Offensive, and I’m pretty sure I was the only white kid in Saigon, let alone the entire country. Normal people didn’t take their child into a war zone, but my parents were not ‘normal people.’ 

4) I first learned how to use chopsticks while in Viet Nam, as a matter of fact, and I remember I practiced on Viet Namese money, small coins, that I’m sure were pretty worthless, considering the country was at war and all.

5) My first goldfish were named Clytemnestra and Agamemnon, and their relationship was about as successful.

6) I was briefly a practicing Shinto while we lived in Japan. I liked Shintoism, because, at the age of 8, it looked like all you had to do was clap your hands and you were free of mortal sin; it made for a refreshing change from Roman Catholicism, where clapping your hands in church would have gotten you into a lot of trouble. 

7) I used to carry a (small) bottle of Clorox bleach with me to school to clean off the ink from the fountain pens we were required to use when we wrote. I am admitting to being anal from an early age, in other words. 

I will have to add to this blog post over time, as I find worthy blogs, but off the top of my bean, I will nominate the following: 

Crazy Train to Tinky Town: This woman’s lot in life is funny as hell. 

Seizing Life One Measuring Cup at a Time: This woman’s food is good for you.

Victoria Dalton’s Night Skies Astrology: This woman’s blog will help you find your path.

A Femme d’un Certain Age: This woman’s blog will help you dress better, with a French theme.

Une Femme d’un Certain Age: A very similar title, and she will also help you dress better, especially for travel.

No Fear of Fashion: This woman from the Netherlands will give you cool ideas about how to dress better. Yes, there’s a theme here, but this time, the looks are European.

Okay, I am now exhausted from all this thinking and writing and listing and blogging and giving thanks. If you have a blog you love and you want me to nominate you, I’d be happy to pass the Torch of Versatility on to you. 



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