Nature Reserve: The Series

I took so many pictures at the nature reserve on Saturday, I have entirely overloaded the pallid 8 GB total storage of this frustratingly tiny MacBook AirYes, RAW photographs have huge megapixels, Apple; I get it. I should have known. I am going to look into whether or not I can get increased RAM, although from what Apple support forums say, it doesn’t look likely. Time to think about bringing my portable backup hard drive, which I don’t want to do, for so many reasons. 

It doesn’t make it any less frustrating to realize three-quarters of the way through one’s trip that my camera’s SD card has more memory than my entire computer. I also have a nice little thumb drive with more memory than my (insert expletives) tiny weeny little computer, with its archaic teeny RAM. What was I thinking? Always check your memory before plunking down hard cash. Lesson learned.

Nature reserve vertical fence


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