Mr. Tupp

UntitledIn September, I spent two wonderful days wandering around the grounds of Bunratty Folk Park in Bunratty, Ireland. The incredible thing about the folk park is that many different authentic buildings have been brought to the park and rebuilt, some brick-by-brick, so as to recreate historical Ireland. If you have only one or two days in Ireland, and you want to experience something authentic about the country’s history, the easiest way to do that is to wander around the folk park, which is close to Shannon Airport (about 20 minutes by car or bus). 

Here is Mr. Tupp (‘tupp’ is Swedish for rooster). He and his wife inhabit the grass land around Ardcroney church (originally built in the the 1850s, brought to Bunratty in 1998). He decided to follow me around, and instead of running off, as his ilk usually do once they see me, he kept getting closer and closer. I think he wanted his 15 minutes of fame, as do we all (but not his wife; I could not get both of them in the frame at once). Mr. Tupp’s colors are glorious, and very autumnal. 

Mr. Tupp
Mr. Tupp

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