Nascent sunflower

Looking more like something that inspired the creatures in the movie Prometheus, this alien-like bud of a sunflower captured while out in what remains of October’s sunshine this past week continues to fascinate me. I look at another version of this picture in screensaver form, and I just love it.

If I don’t get out from behind this computer at least once a week to take pictures, I do begin to lose my mind and get depressed. There’s nothing more cheerful than photographing flowers, by the way. It’s very difficult to remain gloomy when taking pictures of flowers, including this odd species, the sunflower. I don’t remember ever being in a field of sunflowers before this; certainly not in a field of 48,000!

Nascent Sunflower Atlantic beach


9 thoughts on “Nascent sunflower

      1. I think a book on tapping into one’s hidden talents. Not much is visible from the outside except tantalising signs of something amazing that will shortly be revealed! The sunflower in all its full glory is simply incredible as is many people’s capability once fully revealed!
        Thank you for the pingback to my blog!

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