Tripod practice on a defenseless lily

Image stability is never more important, they told me at the camera shop, than when you’re taking pictures with your macro lens. It turns out, they were exactly right.

This closeup I took today with my macro lens is evidence that I am teaching myself the not-terribly-complicated task of how to use my tripod. I did kind of put off using my tripod because I imagined it would be a little tricky to coordinate its use and take pictures at the same time—and I wasn’t wrong. I’m not all that coordinated.
Anyway, the primary problem I can see with the tripod is that it forces you to take horizontal images, rather than vertical. Since I tend to prefer vertical images, this should be a challenge. Except for that problem, though, I’m finding the tripod to be extremely helpful (instability and excessive camera shake is a major problem that has ruined way too many of my shots), and now I’m figuring out how to use RAW images. A challenge a day. 

Enhanced lily


8 thoughts on “Tripod practice on a defenseless lily

  1. Depending on your tripod head, you can swivel it around to take images with the camera in a portrait orientation. Like this

    1. Ah ha! I shall try that. Thank you very much. I took this particular picture in my own distinctive way, hence the bit of blur at the tip of the flower’s pistil. I shall try your way, since my way seems to rarely pan out. 😉

      1. Its not my way, its the way of the tripod 🙂 but good luck. If you get really hardcore about it you can get L plate that sit around your camera and you can take the camera off and mount it on the TOP of the tripod in portrait or landscape. Really Right Stuff is the brand I know that you can do that but you have to buy the L bracket and their tripod head to make it happen. There may be more generic bracket options available. Maybe I should write a post about it 🙂

      2. Yes you should write a post about it. Thanks once again, because I have to wonder how long it would have taken me on my own to realise, oh, wait, the tripod can be adjusted to take vertical images! This is what happens when you’re self-taught, apparently!

      3. But the feeling of excitement when you master a whole new concept by yourself cannot be beaten 🙂 Its nice to have help along the way tho, otherwise it can feel like a lot of effort ALL THE TIME 🙂

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