Red Tattoo

Tribal faceThis is one of three images I found one day painted deep inside a cement tunnel in Reykjavik, Iceland. The murals are lit only by natural daylight; the tunnel itself was pretty dark, and it was difficult to stand back and get a good distance from the images, since the tunnel was so narrow. I’ve cropped this image to exclude the edge at the top which shows the roof of the tunnel, and added this picture to those available in full size on Fine Art America.

Red tattoo face
A close-up, which shows the rather interesting cracks in the cement wall. I’m not sure how many people know these murals exist, since they’re sort of hidden away in this tunnel which connects a main street to a tiny courtyard. One of the more obscure pieces of art available to be appreciated on this planet, created by someone who, as yet, remains anonymous, at least to me.

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