Island Colors

If you think of tropical islands when you read the word ‘island,’ I’m sorry to disappoint you. The islands I think of are usually far to the north, and are very rocky and not necessarily sun-washed. However, in my opinion, they have the most wonderful colors, since sun-washed tropical hues are dramatic and all, but when I think of summer beaches, I see the cool shades of the Atlantic or the muted palette of Carmel or Big Sur, along the coast of California. 

Which leads me to Sweden, since the colors of the islands in Sweden seem to encompass all these colors at once, the pale blue-greens, as well as the harsh, rocky coast you’d find along Highway 1 driving north out of Los Angeles as it winds its way up the coast, all the way to San Francisco. But for today, we’re not in San Francisco, we’re on the tiny island of Öckerö, facing into the Baltic. A lovely area of the world, that’s for sure.

Sea-colors copy


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