Iced Hyacinth

Iced hyacinthPassing a house on a street leading into the city center one very cold day last December, I noticed that, like most people in this small town in Sweden, the residents had placed a flowering bulb in one of their windows.

Flowering bulbs are very popular as gifts in Sweden at Christmas-time, but to me, they equal ‘Spring,’ especially hyacinths. I bided my time, keeping an eye on its growth through the window each day, giving it a week or so to develop to the point I considered bulb-perfection. Then I took advantage of its fully-budded state to take this shot.

The interesting thing is that people who see this photo assume it’s Photoshopped, but it’s not. The gossamer-misty effect came about simply because the flower was behind an icy blue-green window, and I used a large aperture, and kept the focus on the very center of the blooms, minimizing depth of field. The hyacinth behind glass also managed to achieve all my favorite colors, blending the cool ice-green of the window with pale lavender-into-deep-purple of the hyacinth.

This picture is available in many different forms—from a canvas print, to acrylic, to a framed print, or a poster, from Fine Art America


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