A Sunny Day at the Count’s Castle

Sunny Day at Teleborgs Slott
Built in 1900 by Count Gustav Fredrik Bonde (1842-1909) as a wedding present for his new bride, this castle overlooking Lake Teleborgs in Växjö (voted ‘greenest town in Europe’) was inspired by castles along the Rhine.

This kind of picture looks like a postcard, but I had to take it, even if it’s a style of photography that merely records a moment in time for a charming, but commercial, building (the castle is a hotel and conference site these days).

The weather was perfect, the banks of rhododendrons were in full bloom, and, miracle of miracles, no one was on the grounds (I had the place pretty much to myself; unusual on such a beautiful, sunny day).

Unfortunately, what you can’t see are the rhododendrons on the left side of the castle; they are in varying shades of yellows and oranges, and create an interesting kaleidoscope of colors when the angle of sunlight is just right.

This image is available for framing at Fine Art America.


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