Drev Carved Wood Cherub

Drev Church survived Sweden’s church reform of the 1800s, when the Bishop of Sweden at the time, Esaias Tegnér, insisted that it was necessary for all of Sweden to tear down their old churches and rebuild them in the same model (the justification given for this widespread upheaval was that Sweden’s increasing population necessitated building larger churches, to bring all of a village’s population together at once, but I’ve never understood why each church had to be identical).

The people of Drev, however, resisted (as did a few other towns of the time) and refused to tear down their stone church, originally built approximately 1170 A.D. 

Drev Church has become my favorite place to photograph. If you look here, you can watch a panoramic 360˚ view of its extraordinary interior. This cherub is only one of the church’s many, many carved and painted decorations dating from the 1700s (the surrounding walls and statuary are much older).

This image is available in full size for sale at Fine Art America.

Drev Angel 1


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