The Barque Viking

I grew up around ships and boats, and always find historical ships endlessly fascinating. Over time, I’ve seen some extraordinary vessels, but they are too often reconstructions, since time is against most wooden ships. Fires, or neglect and rot have destroyed too many of the world’s beautiful wooden ships. 

A beautiful four-masted barque, now docked in Göteborg, Sweden, but originally constructed in Denmark, is the “Viking,” which began life in 1906. After a long life, it’s currently used as a hotel. I was able to get fairly close to it at the waterline during a harbor tour, and ended up with an unusual angle.

This image is available for sale at Fine Art America.

The Viking


2 thoughts on “The Barque Viking

    1. Thank you very much! It is a beautiful ship, but I have to say, I haven’t seen any pictures of it from this angle. Most pictures are taken from a wider-angle, landscape perspective. I seem to want to get much closer up, until you can see details.

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