Yellow on Yellow

Original photograph
Original photograph

There is a basic truism to the entire art of photography, which is that what you see is, quite often, manipulated, to a greater or lesser extent. This is why, quite often, we don’t trust photographs, and of course, software like Photoshop has a bad reputation because of its ability to be used to alter perception, influencing the mind of the beholder. Photography brings up the issue of “What is true, what is real?” and challenges the viewer to decide for herself what the image is trying to accomplish.

This is an existential way of telling you that the following particular picture is rather heavily Photoshopped, altered from the original to resemble a watercolor. However, the image itself is also an illusion, in that because of the angle at which I took this shot, you can’t see that this ‘garden’ is, in fact, a traffic island, with cars coming and going, and a street lying in between the flowers and the building in the distance.

The beauty of these flowers and how well they complement the building behind them, therefore, is an illusion, to some extent. It all depends on your perspective, literally, because unless you get down on the ground and look up at this mound of flowers, you would never see this picture. 

This image is available for sale at Fine Art America.

Yellow on Yellow
Watercolor effect created in Photoshop

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