A Swedish Christmas tree

Swedish Christmas treeAs in the States, there are rolled up Christmas trees for sale in grocery store parking lots, but the real ones, those you can find out in the countryside, are the most beautiful.

Växjö is a medium-sized city in Sweden, but it’s less than 5 minutes into the hilly countryside, where small red and yellow houses stand out against the grey winter sky. It’s a lovely, but cold, landscape. The weather today, the day the Earth was reported to be likely to end (but didn’t) is -4C (25˚F), with light snow. 

The tree in the picture below is typical of the trees that end up in the households of those celebrating Christmas. Decorations are simple, including little white lights. You won’t see trees heavy with decorations, nor are the Christmas presents themselves expensive.

Jultomte (Father Christmas) will distribute the little packages from his oversized sack as we sit down to Christmas dinner in a few days. There’s still time to go downtown and buy any little items you might want to wrap before hiding them in Jultomte’s sack. 

Red and white and green stugan


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