Memories of Visby

It’s rather shocking how quickly a picture you’re taking in the moment becomes a glimpse into your past. I can track an entire day’s movement through time just by scrolling through the pictures I’ve taken on my SD card. I have learned to make sure I carry two SD cards with me; one is 8 GB, the other is 2 GB. That has ensured that I have enough backup for four or five days when I haven’t been able to upload pictures directly to my computer.

The iPad has proved invaluable as a travel backup for pictures. Although it doesn’t have the sophisticated software I need to mess with my shots, at the very least, the iPad is a useful and easy-to-carry backup device.

A melange of roofs in Stortorget (“large square”)—this is where the marketplace would have gathered during the medieval period, and later, well into the 1800s.
Astonishingly, more than one hundred medieval-era churches, most now in ruins, survive in Visby and its outskirts on Gotland.

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