Time flies!

Wow, I just looked at the last date I blogged, and it was ten days ago! I left nine days ago for Gotland, an island off the coast of Sweden, in the Baltic, and a two-hour “Destination Gotland” ferry from Oskarshamn that takes you to Visby, which is also visited regularly by cruise ships.

Visby is a unique, UNESCO-protected medieval city, almost completely intact, including original city walls and portcullis. I’ll be posting more pictures of Visby, since I took over 1,000 pictures in four days while I was there. I have been busy sorting through them, and also packing for leaving tomorrow. Two and a half months fly by when you’re on the go, and photography is entirely absorbing, I have found, which has made the time seem to move even faster.

I have many small things I must do today. I must go the post office and send a box of my books back to the States. I have to finish packing. I have to arrange my transportation from the airport in Reykjavik. But first, I will post a picture that should give you a good sense of what medieval Visby looks like.

I was very fortunate in that the day I arrived in Visby they were experiencing full sun. It was like being in the Mediterranean, except without excessive heat. The city faces the setting sun, so you get that wonderful golden light at the end of the day.

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