I Spy With My Little Eye…

When I took this picture serendipitously through the metal bars of a gated outer door, all I could think of  was the children’s rhyme, “I spy with my little eye…. a bunch of bicycles.” Yesterday was spent wandering through old town Kalmar after an afternoon viewing the ruined Renaissance Borgholmslott (castle) on  Öland, an island popular with Swedish locals during the summer months, although it was a little cold and overcast yesterday on the island, compared to inland.

Temperatures here have been ranging between 9˚ and 22˚ C, approximately 50˚ to 72˚ F. Swedish people keep telling me how “hot” it is, but in fact, temperatures here are absolutely perfect—right now. Winter isn’t quite so glorious, but it has to be said, at least the sun shines here in winter, making it much more pleasant in its own way than Seattle, which is usually cold, grim, and grey. Grey, grey, grey.   

I like the colors of this composition, and how quiet and homey it is in spite of being someone’s courtyard. The bicycles seem intimate, somehow, not impersonal human machinery. They belong here.

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