Today’s Photos: Welcome to the explosion!

Earlier today, one of the family members said “Welcome to the explosion of Spring!” and I thought, what an excellent word to describe the seemingly orchestrated opening of all blooms, blossoms, and buds in the past few days.

Where once there were brown intertangled sticks, there are now green branches. Spring seems to take its name seriously in this part of the world, for it leaps forth all at once. Whereas Spring usually comes in stages, here in Småland, the effects are immediate, emphatically noticeable from one week to the next.

I have to wonder how people with allergies deal with all the greenery?

One week ago, one of the few things in bloom was forsythia
All of a sudden, every flower and bud opens.
Pink …
… and yellow …
…all is bedizened by Spring!

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