Snake and Bird At Lake Trumman

I can’t pronounce the word for ‘lake’ in Swedish, which is ‘sjön’. When the Swedes say it, they put their lips together and pucker and suck air, all at the same time—an intimidating combination of abilities. They do so many different things all at once within their buccal cavity, it’s dizzying. I have given up trying, and when I walk around one of the two large lakes that intersect the city (Växjösjön and Trummansjön) I use the word “lake” and have done with it.

Yesterday, I put two and two together and figured out how to take a picture in which animals are moving at Lake Trumman. This is harder than it ought to be. Photographing nature requires a fast shutter speed. Obvious? Yes, but you adjust your shutter speed when a potentially poisonous snake is coming towards you. I was pleased to have developed my skills enough that I was able to get my telephoto lens on fast enough to take these pictures. 

Unfortunately, you can't see the bright yellow splotches behind each side of this grass snake's (Natrix Natrix) head. It turns out, after researching it, this snake is not poisonous, so I had nothing to worry about. S/he eats amphibians, not people.

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