Today’s Pictures: City of Flowers

The other day, the sun broke through the clouds at one of those moments when, if you do not have your camera in your hand, you’ll miss your chance. The pictures I take will not be extraordinary, most of the time (although I can certainly hope to become a better photographer). They are merely street scenes, taken as I walk through town.


Växjö is a very pretty little city, with many small moments of beauty that are easy to miss unless you’re walking. Each day, I point out these things to people who live here. Often, they’ve never noticed many of the pieces of their own city.

This leads me to wonder, how much in our lives goes completely unseen? People pass by here, rushing to the bus, rushing to work, rushing in and out of stores, as seemingly oblivious to the charms around them as any stressed American. Sweden‘s not that different, after all.  

The word for flowers in Swedish (or, i svenska) is ‘blommor.’ These blommor cost just over $14 for a bouquet of tulips, since their sign says 99:- SEK, Swedish krona.

Sunlight blommor

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