Today’s Picture: Waiting For Summer

I came across this scene the other day. As a piece of art, it was a perfect setup. The lone chair sits abandoned, one broken slat dangling, angled with a view towards the lake. Where did this chair come from, since the deck is otherwise empty? Why was the broken chair then abandoned?

The chair sits, broken and alone, on the sunporch of Teleborgs castle’s outdoor restaurant. During the summer, the porch is a popular destination for lunch, but in Spring, only one invisible person sits overlooking the view.

Abandoned chair, invisible occupant

7 thoughts on “Today’s Picture: Waiting For Summer

      1. Hello Alison my effort isnt like it was last year i seem to have only written a few this year last year i was writing a lot and i only started writing february 2011 on blog 4valentines where theres a lot of poems my early ones this year i have started my secon blog with my better poems on it and now its slowly picking up. I apreciate what you have done thankyou

      2. Write what you can, and try not to measure your output or production against an external meter of what looks like ‘success’ or good writing. Ability develops over time as long as you keep writing.

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